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What Does Link In Bio Mean: How to take advantage of the most effective promotion trend?

Link in Bio services is a great way to access services and promote a clear strategy quickly.

On Instagram, the war of "positioning" and "engagement" has produced a series of strategies that take advantage of each tool to reach the community better. This idea with a clear trend is that of "Link in Bio,"

Link in Bio services allow you to optimize quick access to services, so the proper use of this communication must respond to a clear strategy.

On Instagram, the war of positioning and "engagement" (a word that defines solid relationships between brands and consumers) has produced a series of strategies on the network that take advantage of each tool to reach better the community that is created around a product or a figure. One of these ideas with a clear trend is that of “Link in Bio,” a recurring message in business and personal accounts that share content.

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The “Link in Bio” is the unique link in the top section of an Instagram account's user profile, located just below their username and profile description.

Each of the profiles can add 150 characters in the bio or description of the account, a section that remains visible just above the "follow" button, but you can also add an email address that allows you to open the browser installed on the device or the that Instagram adds internally.

The use of "Link in bio" appears due to the limitations of the Instagram platform, since we cannot add links to posts and we can only add users to the comment. Some accounts that exceed 10 thousand followers can use the "swipe up" in the stories, but it does not happen in all cases.

This resource of adding links from the profile itself is a modality that we also find in TikTok, a system that does not allow adding links in publications or videos either.

The strategy is simple. In every post you make on Instagram – be it IGTV, Stories, Reels, or feed posts – mention that the user will find more information in the “Bio Link.” That way, you redirect attention to your profile.

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Other social networks: This “cross-promotion” system connects to other social networks, such as Twitter or YouTube.

Products for sale: links created to promote some type of good or product, such as crafts, books, advice, food delivery, or any other deliverable.

Company website: If you already have a website, this link will drive traffic to this URL.

Affiliate links: Services like Amazon allow you to add a custom link to earn money from purchases suggested by users.

Sponsorships and associations: several accounts offer the possibility to add a sponsor URL for a certain time.

However, a new trend has appeared as an intermediate to all these options: "Bio Links," services that unify all possible links from a single URL. It's similar to what “about.me” did a few years ago as a unifying service.

Usebiolink is a tool that allows you to create a single link to multiple social media platforms or other websites. This can be useful if you want to share your content on multiple platforms without having to create separate links for each one. Also, this tool is free and allows you to boost your most important links. It is more straightforward, so it can be an excellent initial resource to exploit.

Linktree is one of the most popular services for unifying accounts. The system is free, but some features are paid for. 

Feedlink goes a little further because it also adds support for stories and all Instagram content but requires monthly payments to manage all the resources.

Shorby is a simpler feature, adding a profile picture, social media accounts, dynamic feed, and personal messaging connections. It is simpler, but it can be a good initial resource to exploit.

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