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Don't Miss Out: Unleash Your #BeReal Today!

Every day, at a different time, everyone is notified simultaneously to capture and share a photo within two minutes.

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Welcome to the world of BeReal, where social media users can embrace their authenticity and create meaningful connections with their followers. When is BeReal today? #BeReal is an app that encourages users to share their authentic selves with their followers. Whether you're a content creator, a business owner, or just someone who wants to share their story, #BeReal is the perfect platform for you to showcase your true self.

Introduction to #BeReal

BeReal is a social media app that encourages users to be their authentic selves. It is a place where users can connect with their followers and build meaningful connections. The app is easy to use and provides users with the tools they need to create and share content that reflects their true selves. With #BeReal, users can easily create content and engage with their followers in real time.

BeReal is a great place to share your passions and interests with the world. You can use the app to showcase your art, share your stories, and connect with like-minded people. #BeReal also provides users with the opportunity to connect with brands and create meaningful relationships with their followers.

History of BeReal Time

We are monitoring the BeReal notification time across various time zones in search of any discernible patterns. The table presented below displays the recent history of BeReal notification times over the past few days. This data can assist us in making more accurate predictions regarding the BeReal notification time.

DateAmericas (CT)East Asia (IST)
2023-03-16-03:32 PM
2023-03-1508:47 PM02:32 PM
2023-03-1402:54 PM02:41 PM
2023-03-13-03:42 PM
2023-03-1207:49 PM03:31 PM
2023-03-1104:04 PM02:52 PM
2023-03-1010:14 PM09:18 PM
2023-03-0902:40 PM07:04 PM
2023-03-0808:34 PM11:17 PM
2023-03-0705:41 PM08:38 PM
2023-03-0611:46 AM01:47 PM
2023-03-0501:28 PM-
2023-03-0402:53 PM03:10 PM
2023-03-0301:18 PM03:30 PM
2023-03-0212:01 PM10:32 AM
2023-03-0103:35 PM09:00 PM
2023-02-2802:05 PM07:33 PM
2023-02-2705:26 PM09:09 PM
2023-02-2604:35 PM12:57 PM
2023-02-2511:15 AM05:29 PM
2023-02-2403:38 PM07:01 PM
2023-02-2311:28 AM09:32 PM
2023-02-2212:05 PM01:06 PM
2023-02-2108:10 PM01:51 PM
2023-02-2011:08 AM-
2023-02-196:07 PM01:50 PM
2023-02-18-03:38 PM
2023-02-17-05:44 PM
2023-02-16-04:09 PM
2023-02-15-07:16 PM
2023-02-14-06:01 PM
2023-02-1302:55 PM05:14 PM
2023-02-1206:27 PM12:22 PM
2023-02-1109:11 PM07:35 PM
2023-02-10-11:43 AM
2023-02-0907:59 PM03:02 PM
2023-02-0809:22 PM02:17 PM
2023-02-0701:58 PM01:11 PM
2023-02-0611:07 AM04:37 PM
2023-02-0501:12 PM03:11 PM
2023-02-0402:41 PM09:55 PM
2023-02-0310:22 PM09:17 PM
2023-02-0203:04 PM08:24 PM
2023-02-0106:14 PM11:32 AM
2023-01-3109:45 AM12:49 PM
2023-01-3007:13 PM08:50 PM
2023-01-2904:27 PM09:42 PM
2023-01-2805:51 PM02:59 PM
2023-01-2702:55 PM06:27 PM
2023-01-2608:25 PM09:20 PM
2023-01-2508:57 PM03:05 PM
2023-01-2406:06 PM05:16 PM
2023-01-2301:30 PM09:46 PM
2023-01-2208:50 PM02:22 PM
2023-01-2102:33 PM09:06 PM
2023-01-2007:39 PM01:10 PM
2023-01-1902:50 PM08:14 PM
2023-01-1809:58 AM02:26 PM
2023-01-1708:36 PM11:42 AM
2023-01-1603:27 PM10:07 PM
2023-01-1508:25 PM06:21 PM
2023-01-1404:23 PM10:01 PM
2023-01-1310:01 AM01:44 PM
2023-01-1206:30 PM06:39 PM
2023-01-1101:38 PM02:54 PM
2023-01-1003:07 PM01:32 PM
2023-01-0903:17 PM11:56 AM
2023-01-0809:07 PM12:43 PM
2023-01-0701:52 PM09:57 PM
2023-01-06-06:14 PM
2023-01-05-11:43 AM
2023-01-0412:41 PM01:03 PM
2023-01-0307:33 PM05:55 PM
2023-01-0208:53 PM05:32 PM
2023-01-0101:55 PM02:03 PM
2022-12-3110:59 PM02:05 PM
2022-12-3005:52 PM06:15 PM
2022-12-2901:46 PM01:20 PM
2022-12-2802:17 PM02:20 PM
2022-12-2712:03 PM04:02 PM
2022-12-2605:08 PM09:06 PM
2022-12-25-09:25 PM
2022-12-2407:42 PM01:44 PM
2022-12-2310:16 PM07:19 PM
2022-12-2212:11 PM07:32 PM
2022-12-2110:12 AM01:53 PM
2022-12-203:01 PM02:00 PM
2022-12-19-01:41 PM
2022-12-18-05:59 PM
2022-12-1707:10 PM-
2022-12-1610:07 AM04:27 PM
2022-12-1512:34 PM07:08 PM
2022-12-1411:33 AM02:38 PM
2022-12-1310:20 PM01:54 PM
2022-12-1209:26 PM02:05 PM
2022-12-1112:06 PM09:50 PM
2022-12-1007:21 PM09:01 PM
2022-12-0907:41 PM08:55 PM
2022-12-0811:45 AM09:27 PM
2022-12-0605:50 PM11:07 AM
2022-12-05-09:38 AM
2022-12-0407:54 PM10:09 AM
2022-12-0312:09 PM09:24 PM
2022-12-0207:27 PM11:04 PM
2022-12-0107:09 PM06:11 PM
2022-11-3010:44 AM02:30 PM
2022-11-2911:04 AM02:16 PM
2022-11-2810:02 PM06:01 PM
2022-11-2708:28 PM05:51 PM
2022-11-2610:01 AM02:17 PM
2022-11-2509:24 PM09:56 AM
2022-11-2404:42 PM01:16 PM
2022-11-23-07:00 PM
2022-11-2206:22 PM04:10 PM
2022-11-2105:07 PM10:12 PM
2022-11-2005:10 PM05:38 PM
2022-11-1910:39 AM02:10 PM
2022-11-1810:46 AM07:10 PM
2022-11-1709:39 AM01:44 PM
2022-11-1611:29 AM01:51 PM
2022-11-1508:41 PM11:34 AM
2022-11-1411:56 AM12:55 PM
2022-11-1302:48 PM12:10 PM
2022-11-1202:43 PM09:15 PM
2022-11-1112:09 PM02:45 PM
2022-11-1002:30 PM02:30 PM
2022-11-0902:51 PM03:25 PM
2022-11-08-11:39 AM
2022-11-07-08:03 PM
2022-11-0602:22 PM10:13 PM
2022-11-0410:46 AM02:51 PM
2022-11-0309:12 AM12:56 PM
2022-11-0205:35 PM12:42 PM
2022-11-0112:48 PM01:40 PM
2022-10-3109:42 PM01:55 PM
2022-10-3006:27 PM12:27 PM
2022-10-2905:37 PM08:52 PM
2022-10-2801:50 PM04:57 PM
2022-10-2710:24 AM11:35 AM
2022-10-2610:22 PM04:19 PM
2022-10-24-11:18 AM
2022-10-236:12 PM09:02 PM
2022-10-2112:59 PM05:54 PM
2022-10-20-12:38 PM
2022-10-199:59 PM03:58 PM
2022-10-1811:54 AM07:37 PM
2022-10-17-05:52 PM
2022-10-162:26 PM03:04 PM
2022-10-1511:40 AM01:43 PM
2022-10-14-10:34 PM
2022-10-1311:24 AM09:59 PM
2022-10-1203:40 PM11:01 PM
2022-10-1110:00 AM05:13 PM
2022-10-1004:22 PM03:41 PM
2022-10-0905:36 PM11:39 PM
2022-10-0811:35 PM06:12 PM
2022-10-0703:05 PM12:27 PM
2022-10-0602:06 PM03:05 PM
2022-10-0507:14 PM-
2022-10-0411:52 AM07:32 PM
2022-10-0312:43 PM10:43 PM
2022-10-0205:01 PM05:38 PM
2022-10-0106:45 PM03:04 PM
2022-09-3007:42 PM02:13 PM
2022-09-29-10:34 PM
2022-09-2806:52 PM01:23 PM
2022-09-2705:24 PM07:14 PM
2022-09-2612:05 PM01:59 PM
2022-09-2505:23 PM10:59 AM
2022-09-2401:13 PM04:59 PM
2022-09-2311:22 AM07:15 PM
2022-09-2201:00 PM11:59 AM
2022-09-2111:26 PM12:56 PM
2022-09-20-08:21 PM
2022-09-195:03 PM06:51 PM
2022-09-1803:08 PM01:15 PM
2022-09-1705:16 PM08:55 PM
2022-09-1607:52 PM10:29 AM
2022-09-1505:20 PM05:52 PM
2022-09-1407:32 PM01:28 PM
2022-09-1312:35 PM08:48 PM
2022-09-12-07:38 PM
2022-09-1107:33 PM03:52 PM
2022-09-1009:37 PM10:52 PM
2022-09-09-12:07 PM
2022-09-08-01:49 PM
2022-09-07-08:09 PM
2022-09-0601:22 PM06:24 PM
2022-09-05-10:45 PM

What is #BeReal?

Introducing BeReal, the unique platform that allows users to connect with their friends in a creative, fun, and meaningful way. Every day, at a different time, everyone is notified simultaneously to capture and share a photo within two minutes. Do you want to discover who your friends really are in their everyday lives? This helps to discover who your friends really are in their daily lives and create an amazing, unique photo collage with them. With BeReal, you can get the perfect photo experience and share it with your friends, family, and the world!

Every day at a different time, you and your friends are simultaneously notified to take and share a photo. Since there are no effects or filters in the application, users are photographed in their natural state. At the same time, like other applications, it does not allow photo sharing frequently during the day. This is a fun and effective way to gain insight into your friends' lives and personalities!

"Your Friends for Real." typing and app interface

How to Get Started with #BeReal

Getting started with #BeReal is easy. All you need to do is download the app from the App Store or Google Play and create an account. Once you’re logged in, you can start creating content and sharing it with your followers.

The BeReal application is registered with name - surname, phone number, date of birth, and username. In the other step, friends using the BeReal application are added. If people who do not use the application will be added, an invitation request is sent and they are asked to register for the application.

The app also allows you to connect with other users and follow their content. You can also create lists of people you want to follow and get notifications when they post new content.

Benefits of Posting on #BeReal

Posting content on #BeReal has a number of benefits. First, it allows you to showcase your authentic self to your followers. This can help you build meaningful relationships with your followers and create a sense of community.

Bereal will send you a notification message during the day. after that, you can only share a photo once. So with every photo you see, you know that it just happened!

It keeps you away from fake posts. You know what people are really doing at that moment.

Not from those social media platforms you're stuck with for 24 hours! eg. Instagram, TikTok, etc.

In addition, these photos that you take at different times every day are recorded in a special archive for you.

In the discover section you can explore all around the world with real photos like Google Maps street view. For example, a school from Brazil, or coffee in Alaska.

Tips for Posting on #BeReal

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your posts on #BeReal:

• Keep it real. This is the primary purpose of the application. Posting content that reflects your authentic self will help you build meaningful relationships with your followers.

• Be creative. Creativity will help you stand out from the crowd and draw more attention to your posts.

• Engage with your BeReal friends. You can comment on the posts of BeReal friends and respond emojis. In this application, you can create your own emojis by taking a photo suitable for the emoji you want. You can use this new emoji as many times as you want.

examples of Bereal application interfaces

Remember! If you have more than one social media account and you want your followers not to have trouble finding your other social media accounts, you can use the biolink tool.

When is BeReal Today?

BeReal app is unique in that it requires users to post a picture of themselves without any filters or editing, presenting a real, raw, and unaltered image. The app sends notifications to its users to prompt them to post their BeReal picture at random times each day, which cannot be predicted with certainty. The notifications are sent during the "normal waking hours" in the user's selected time zone, which is typically between 7 AM and 12 PM.

While the unpredictability of the BeReal time may seem inconvenient, it is also what makes the app so special. Users cannot plan their posts or try to present a curated image of themselves, as the notification will arrive at a random moment. This encourages users to be authentic and spontaneous with their posts, which is the essence of the BeReal app.

someone holding a phone with an application open

However, there are consequences for those who choose to post late. Late posts are marked with a "posted late" timestamp and all of the user's friends are notified that the post was made after the original notification. On the other hand, if a user chooses not to post at all, they will miss out on the content from their friends and the Discovery page, which will be hidden until they make their own post.


When is BeReal today? In conclusion, the BeReal app offers a unique opportunity for users to showcase their authenticity and real selves, with the added challenge of not knowing when the notification will arrive. Whether to post or not, or to post on time or late, is a personal choice with trade-offs, and users are free to decide based on their own preferences and comfort levels.

So, don't miss out—unleash your #BeReal today!